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Storm Water Management

Surface water has become more frequent with the heavy rain we have experienced the past few months. The wet weather has become an issue for many of our neighborhood's and communities.

Green Environment Landscaping Corporation will provide a drainage solution to help you manage the water on your property.

There are different types of drain systems available to help you drain excessive water off of your property.

A french drain can assist in removing groundwater through a perforated drain pipe. A surface drain collects the water and drains into a solid pipe away from your foundation and off of your property with a pop up dry well.

Another option is a roof run-off drain system that collects your water through your gutters and drains into a solid pipe and off your property through a dry well pop up or underground leach chamber.

When installing these types of systems, a professional must do it right, using high quality long lasting materials. If this step is not followed, your issues will become much worse and it will be very expensive to remedy. Using only high strength pipe that is guaranteed to last and work properly. Any black plastic pipe is recycled material. Use white, yellow or blue color hdpe pipe, wrapped in clean 1.5" stone and wrapped in non-woven fabric.

Its also important to waterproof your foundation using urethane sealants and rubber membrane to keep water out and keep your basement and foundation dry and free from hydrostatic pressure.

Keep your property dry and your home safe. It is very expensive to repair water damage. Providing your home with the proper drain system and sealing your foundation will prevent water damage and preserve your home much longer. When you are finished regrade your property so everything drains into your newly installed drain system.

Simple solutions that will save you time and money, while providing you security from these 100 year rain storms.

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