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About Us

The Right Landscaping Contractor for Your Project

If you want to get professional lawn or irrigation services for your property, you will need the assistance of a reputable landscaping contractor. Our company can also offer you a variety of other services for the outdoor area of your home or commercial building. Serving clients in Southeastern, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we run a reliable company that offers outstanding services to all its customers. With Green Environment Landscaping Corporation, you will enjoy exceptional results.

The Services We Offer

Lawn Mower Selection Support


We specialize in Organic Lawn Care, Shrub Management, Lawn Restorations, Soil, Dethatch, Aerate & Seeding

Lawn Care

Our custom Lawn Care services provide solutions for a variety of outdoor spaces. We cater to the needs and requirements of each and every client, guaranteeing you’ll get exactly what you want.


Keep your property in tip-top shape with our Landscaping services. Our team does it all, and is ready to provide complete attention to your every need. Specializing in Bed Installs, Professional Edging, Landscape Renovations and more.

Falling Leaves


We specialize in Seasonal services like Fall & Spring Clean Ups, Snow plowing and de-icing. We ensure your property looks clean every season.


We can provide the right Stonework Solution for Walls, Driveways, Walkways and Fireplaces.

Snow Management 

We provide a full line of snow removal and management services to local homeowners and businesses. We have competitive rates and can handle snow removal at all types of properties. Hire us and never worry about snow and de-icing. Keep your property safe.

Manicured Garden

Irrigation Services

Our professionals can design and install the irrigation equipment for your landscape. We also do repair, startup, and winterization work.

Skid Steer Service

Having modern skid steer vehicles, our professionals can help you with various projects. They can handle any site preparation or grading job.

Shrub Care

As professional landscapers, we do shrub care work and can help you shape, trim, or remove the shrubs on your property.


Wood Restoration

Our company does wood restoration work for different outdoor features, trim, frames, and more. Count on us to achieve seamless results!

Weeding, Mulch & Edging

We offer weed treatment, removal, and prevention services. If you want to add mulch anywhere on your property, we are ready to help you. We also do grass edging work for your landscape.

Sealcoating Services

You can also hire us to handle sealcoating jobs for the different features on your property, and we will use quality materials to do the work.


Junk Removal

With us, you can get rid of any junk pile you have on your property. We can handle different types of trash, including organic landscape junk and construction materials.


Having modern pressure washing equipment, we can clean the various features around your property, including driveways, decks, patios, walkways, and building exteriors.

Organic Fertilizer 

If you prefer organic products for fertilizing the soil on your landscape, we are the experts who will take care of your needs. We have many options available for your consideration.

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